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Karisma Cats
Cat Shows

We are showing our cats in catshow to validate and to improve our breeding program. It have to be know that there is no money rewards given to the exposants, we only win ribbons and points. The points that we win are calculated all through the season (from May 1st to April 30th) and the best of the year receive National and Regional Awards. Even if every cats are very beautiful, some are closer to the breed standard and it is the Judge's work to determine which one is the closest to perfection!!

Visit our Blog (french only) at BLOGUE D'EXPOSITIONS FELINES

Here are prévious show we attended too, all those pages are also in french.
Show de Laval 2008
Show de Whitby, Ontario 2008
Show de Belleville, Ontario 2008
Show de Trois-Rivres, Qubec 2008